Talk Mummy Talk


Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am so pleased that you have stumbled across my blog.

My blogger name; ‘Talk Mummy Talk’, pretty much sums me up. I am a 30 something, mummy of two beautiful little girls, aged 4 years old and 17 months old, who loves to talk about everything mummy and family related.

When I first became a mother, my life obviously changed and I have learnt so much about myself. I was living abroad, in Geneva, Switzerland, with my husband, and I had a million and one questions about the new adventure that we were about to embark on.

So much has happened since then and I have absolutely loved being a mummy and a family of three and very recently a family of four! Don’t get me wrong, at times (many times) it can be so tough, especially the exhaustion with the sleepless nights and two little people being solely reliant on me, but it has and is, a whole lot of fun and laughs too.

As well as advice from family, my mum friends etc, I turned to the internet for advice on many different things, and that is when I found the new world of mummy blogs and vlogs. I loved them and still do and I have finally decided to go down the same route of blogging.

So sit down, relax and grab yourself a cup of tea and get reading.

Joanna x


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